Me: There's no such thing as docker addiction and even if it was I wouldn't have it as I'm in full control of my dockering.

Internet: Did you heard of Whoogle?


· · Web · 1 · 0 · 0 same here. Do you use the #traefik reverse proxy by any chance? Because with that, all it takes is a container with 3 labels to route https traffic to it, and it just blows my mind every time how easy that is

@kisacat Yeah, switched to v2 not so long ago. Which leads me to my next question: you see me as @erik, not as @erik? Either I have botched a redirect somewhere or / don't resolve the address properly.

Stll, what's the output of 'docker ps | wc -l'? I'm at 40 already 😎 haha, that’s impressive. I have only 2 services so far (Nextcloud and Webmail) but the number will increase in the future. Not to 40 though!

@kisacat Did you set up with ? I've set up TLS-encrypted services without docker/traefik combo previously -- never again!

If you install , then you absolutely need , , and .

$ docker ps | wc -l

Took me about half an hour. on a previous server I’ve used Nginx and Certbot for TLS, that was not much more painful. But Traefik is fantastic!
I’m not sure I’ll use any of these alternative front ends, for one I can only set up 10 sub domains with Strato DNS and for another I’d like to get away from those companies altogether

@kisacat Mastodon formatting my input... What I meant to say was that I see my profile as [at]erik[at] and you as [at]erik[at]

Need to investigate further. yes that’s weird, here on you are and when I open your remote profile on your Mastodon instance it’s 🤔

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